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 Kabinakagami Lake, commonly known as "Kaby Lake", is a large fly in lake located approximately 70 miles north of Wawa, Ontario. The Lake is 25 miles in length and 13 miles wide, covering 30,802 acres.  Kabinakagami Lake (Indian translation of "lake of many bays")is the largest in the Algoma District and is the headwaters of the Albany River system. Kaby Lake, although not a deep lake, boasts clear water, 147 islands, innumerable weedbeds, shoals & dropoffs, and provides great fishing for northern pike & walleyes throughout the season, as well as whitefish and perch.

Rugged and remote, Big Kaby Lake offers not only great fishing, but excellent opportunities for observing wildlife , outdoor photography, and a number of prepared shore lunch sites, beaches for swimming, a river system for canoeing. In the fall, we offer fantastic hunting for bear and moose (both bow and gun) as well as birds - partridge and ducks.

With many interesting natural landforms, river canoe routes, and historic links to the fur trade, logging & mining interests, the Kabinakagami Lake area has many interesting sites to explore. Due to the large, irregular shape of Kaby Lake with its many bays and miles of sheltered shoreline, the weather seldom keeps anglers off this beautiful Northern Ontario lake. There is always somewhere out of the weather to fish, and enjoy your shore lunch of freshly caught fish - the highlight of any fishing trip.

An angler's paradise, Kabinakagami Lake has long been popular with Canadian & American anglers and hunters.


We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to share this Beautiful Northern Wilderness with all of you!!!!