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Late May & June
The fishing season at Pine Portage Lodge opens the third Saturday in May each year. For 2017, the opening date is May 20th.

Post-spawn pike and walleyes are primarily in shallow water, back bays, rivers/creeks where there is some current. Live bait rigs are best at this time and must be fished slowly. As the water warms, trolling a minnow imitating crank bait (e.g. Rapala) is also a good way to cover water and locate active fish.

July & August

Walleyes are found on rocky shoals, sandbars, points, and around islands in 8 to 20 feet of water. Developing weed beds will always attract and hold walleyes and pike. Drifting over submerged weeds or trolling the weed lines are good approaches. At Kaby Lake, back bays lined with bulrushes can provide some exciting shallow water fly fishing when the mayfly hatch is on. At these times, topwater tactics and flycasting approaches will produce some exciting fishing for whitefish, walleyes.

Late July - September

The time for Kaby Lake's big pike! Casting approaches (spinner baits, streamers, buck tails, spoons, jerk baits) will consistently attract Kaby Lake pike. Walleyes are usually found in deeper water near weed lines, island saddles, shoals, and current breaks. Fishing a jig tipped with a minnow or piece of worm is a simple yet effective approach for catching late-season Kaby Lake's walleyes'.

Kaby Lake provides great fishing throughout the season, although fish do re-locate as summer progresses. Our staff and guides will be pleased to suggest hotspots to try your luck. Comfortable and reliable boats, experienced guides, and delicious shore lunches will make your trip to Kaby Lake both successful and memorable.

Walleyes, Walleyes...Everywhere!

Unquestionably, the walleye is the # 1 sport fish at Pine Portage Lodge , and anglers from across the continent have enjoyed consistent and outstanding walleye fishing over the years. In the early part of the season at Kaby Lake, it is not at all unusual to catch numerous numbers of walleyes right off the dock!

Although many approaches consistently account for limits of Kaby Lake walleyes, a live-bait rig of one sort or another is the undisputed favorite of Pine Portage regulars and guides. Jigs tipped with a minnow or piece of night crawler, snelled & slip rigs, floats and worm harnesses all produce good catches. Live bait can be purchased daily at either Pine Portage Lodge. To protect the integrity of Kaby Lake, we also DO NOT allow the importation of leeches into the lake. Only those caught in our waters may be used to fish within Kaby Lake.

Regardless of where you fish on Kaby Lake, you can be reasonably certain that walleyes will be on the bite nearby. Big Kaby has thousands of spots to fish walleyes - shoals, drop offs, points, weed beds, weed lines, island saddles, sunken islands. You will find fish anywhere between 12 and 24 feet deep, but always on/near a piece of structure or near weed beds. Jigs are our most effective lure(1/4 & 3/8 oz.), and allowed us to fish in / along the many weed beds, in deeper water along drop offs, and over shallow shoals and point bars.

Even better than the great walleye fishing,and having fish on the stringer is a Kaby Lake shore lunch . Around the lake at strategic locations, Watson's have set up forty (40) shore lunch sites for the use of their angling guests who can recruit the services of a guide or tackle shore lunch on their own terms with a pre-packed shore lunch kit available from either Pine Portage Lodge. A Canadian fishing trip tradition, shore lunch is one thing about a trip that no one ever forgets.

B-I-G Kaby Lake Northerns

Few sports fish will inspire fish tales like the great Northern Ontario pike, and Kaby Lake's big northerns are legendary. Big waters produce big fish, and combined with expansive weed beds, deep main-lake basins, a large forage base, and widely practiced catch & release, an excellent pike fishery has flourished at Kaby Lake.

Several fish over 40" are caught at Kaby Lake each season, most of which are released by conservation-minded anglers. The big fish record included a 46" 'gator, a 44" beast topping 20 lb. and countless others in the 34" to 44" range. Little wonder that many Kaby Lake guests devote much of their time trophy hunting.

Although many northerns are caught incidentally by walleye fishermen, the majority of the biggest pike are taken using casting techniques and tackle specifically thrown at pike. Kaby Lake's countless rocky points, island saddles, shoals, and weed beds provide great areas for casting big spoons (Daredevils, Silver Minnows(weedless) Pike Minnows, Shad Raps( Half-Waves), oversized spinner baits & buzz baits, buck tail spinners (Musky Killers), rattle baits (Rattlin' Raps, Ratt'l Traps) and jerk baits (Husky Jerks, Rattlin' Rogues, Slug-Gos). During August, we fish several large weed beds with consistent results and some big fish - rain or shine. These fish are very aggressive, pound your baits with abandon, and test both your skills and tackle to the limit.

In addition to casting tactics, many Kaby Lake pike are caught trolling across island saddles, adjacent to shoals, and along weed lines. Shallow diving plugs and spoons are favorites and work best when trolled quickly at spots where deep water, structural elements, and cover (e.g. weeds) come together.  Since pike can never pass up a minnow presentation, bait rigs and float fishing are also proven approaches at Big Kaby Lake.

Conservation Policies

MNR Fish Sanctuaries

To protect spawning fish and insure continued great fishing at Kaby Lake in the future, a number of fish sanctuaries have been established. The areas protected by these sanctuaries are the in-flowing creeks and rivers where spawning takes place.

All sanctuaries are clearly marked on the lake maps that will be provided to you upon your arrival at Pine Portage Lodge. These sanctuaries are in effect until June 15. Early in the season, there are still many excellent fishing spots scattered across Kaby Lake.

New Slot Sizing

As our previous guests are aware, all Ontario Lakes now have a Slot Sizing limit . Most of our guests have had a positive reaction towards this new regulation and felt that this will ensure the good fishing, they have become accustomed to on Kabinakagami Lake, will continue for years to come.

Conservation License New Non-Resident Outdoors Card . The Watson's want to encourage "Catch & Release" fishing. We know it will perpetuate the excellent sport fishing that is available in our waters.