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Moose and Bear Hunt Packages 2022


Thank you for your interest in joining us for our 2022 hunt.  Our family has been in business since 1946 and we offer some of Northern Ontario's premier wilderness hunting in WMU 22 with over 196 sq. km. of area - approximately 48,400 acres of PRIVATE LAND to hunt.  Our resort provides outstanding accommodations, services and the opportunity to harvest your prize moose or bear. - ARCHERY OR GUN HUNTS.  We do restrict the number of hunters we will accommodate each season to ensure quality hunting.  Our lodge is located 70 miles by air north of the town of Wawa, Ontario on beautiful Kabinakagami Lake.  Our traditional hunt is along the lake shore and river tributaries, and each hunting party has a designated hunting area with opportunity for walking old cut-overs if you are up to the exercise.

Our packages include your License , your return flight from Wawa, On, flying out your moose/bear; Accommodations, boat/motor/gas, and a canoe if required.  We offer American Plan and Housekeeping Packages with guided or non-guided hunts;  all packages are quoted in CANADIAN FUNDS based on double occupancy, and do not include tax or personal items.  American Plan also includes all your meals and daily maid service.  Meal hours are adjusted for the hunt.  A deposit of $528.25 per person is required to confirm your hunt.  The balance will be invoiced 60 days prior to your arrival.

Note:  Bear Hunts do not include full guide service except for the first day orientation to site locations.  Additional services can be booked.  Hunters must provide their own safety harness while in stands.  Skinning of bears is an additional charge if required.

Note:  Resident/Non-Resident package rates vary due to costs of licenses for hunt.  Packages do not include Export Permits.  All hunters must provide proof of pervious hunting license in order for us to issue you your Ontario Licenses.  A previous license from your State or Province will suffice. 

2022 Fall Bear Hunt

Our Season starts Sept. 1st.   Note:  All our bear hunts include the opportunity to fish during your stay.  Fish part of the day as well as hunt.  Guide serivce is not included in these packages, other than assistance on the first day of the hunt.  Services can be booked for additional charge. 

Non- Resident American Plan
4 Day Hunt      $2,309.00 Can
5 Day Hunt      $2,589.00 Can


Non-Resident Housekeeping Plan

4 Day Hunt         $2,059.00Can
5 Day Hunt         $2,279.00 Can

Resident American Plan

4 Day Hunt      $2,109.00
5 Day Hunt      $2,329.00

Resident Housekeeping Plan

4 Day Hunt      $1,859.00
5 Day Hunt      $2,079.00

Note:  Other lengths of stays available


2022 Moose Hunt

Our Archery Season opens 24th of September, Gun Hunts open October 15th for Residents, October 17th for Non-Residents.

Each Hunter receives an Adult Moose Tag  (Bull or Cow) Please Note that  due to the changes made by our Ministry Of  Natural Resources and Forestry, we no longer are able to include the moose tags within our packages free of charge.  They have decided to charge for the tags and the prices are as follows and are over and above our package prices.  We recommend that all hunting parties include at least 1 cow tag within their party, to increase your chances of a successful hunt.  All packages shown provide for arrival the afternoon before the day the hunt opens and departure the morning after last day of hunt.

COW/CALF TAG:   $150.00 Canadian plus tax (Resident/Non-Resident)

BULL TAG:  $200.00  Canadian plus tax. (Resident/Non-Resident)

Please Note:  7 Day hunts for Archery only

Non-Resident American Plan (Guided)            

5 Day Hunt           $5,039.00 Can
7 Day Hunt           $5,609.00 Can

Non-Resident American Plan (Non-Guided)

5 Day Hunt            $4,189.00 Can
7 Day Hunt            $4,489.00 Can

Non-Resident Housekeeping Plan (Non-Guided)  

5 Day Hunt           $3,869.00
7 Day Hunt           $4,099.00

Resident American Plan (Guided)

5 Day Hunt         $4,589.00
7 Day Hunt         $5,159.00

Resident American Plan (Non-Guided)

5 Day Hunt           $3,779.00
7 Day Hunt           $4,029.00

Resident Housekeeping (Non-Guided)  

5 Day Hunt        $3,409.00
7 Day Hunt        $3,639.00


Things to Know when Hunting in Ontario:

Firearm requirements:  Centre fire rifles must be at least 270 calibers with rifles of the 30 calibers range recommended, such as 300 Magnum, 30-06, 7MM Magnum; bullet weights in the 180 grain range.  Hand guns are NOT PERMITTED in Canada     

Bows (Compound, Long or Recurve) must have a draw weight of a minimum of 60 pounds; arrow length must be at least 23.6 inches and arrow head must be at least 0.87 at the widest point with a minimum of two cutting edges or straight, sharp, non-serrated, barb-less steel.

Clothing requirements:  During the rifle season hunts, a minimum of 400 square inches of uninterrupted Hunter Orange must be worn at all times (except for Bear Hunters while in tree stands).  Camouflage or open mesh orange does not meet these requirements.  An orange jacket or vest as well as an orange hat do meet these requirements.

Hunters should have a compass or hand held G.P.S., as well as a good pair of binoculars, thermos, flashlight, lighter, warm clothing, good quality rain gear, waterproof insulated boots, gloves/mitts, long underwear.   Two-way portable radios are also recommended.  Fall hunting weather can be warm & dry to cold, wet and snowy within a few hours; so it is best to be prepared for all variables.

NON RESIDENT HUNTERS must have a current or previous hunting license with them to purchase an Ontario Bear, Moose or Small Game License.  Ontario Out Door Cards can be purchased on line at RESIDENT & NON-RESIDENT hunters must have a Hunters version Outdoors card.

NON-RESIDENT must register all firearms when crossing the Boarder.  For further information, please call our office or contact the Fire Arms Centre at 1800-731-4000, web site;

We trust that this information will prove to be useful in planning your next Big Game Hunt in beautiful,
exciting Northern Ontario.  We invite you to enjoy our 'truly Canadian Hospitality' while participating in a remote hunting experience.

For further information and our Reservations Office, Please contact us at


Toll Free:  1-800-363-4443

P.O. BOX 1129, WAWA, ON P0S 1K0